Printed Circuit Board Design Services

Cost Effective Design Services

Picture of printed circuit board Electronic Design Solutions designs complex multilayer PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS and products for the commercial and aerospace industries. We offer turnkey solutions for bare board manufacturing and assembly. Our designers are IPC and NHB certified, yielding the highest quality designs. Our constant attention to detail ensures your designs exceed your design requirements. With EDSI on your team, you get the service, on-time delivery, and pricing needed to compete in today's marketplace.

Each project begins by listening carefully to your requirements. Our process calls for design reviews and engineering audits at critical points in the design cycle. In addition, we will advise your engineers with recommendations regarding the latest in component technology, manufacturing and fabrication. Our goal is to provide the expertise you need to succeed with every design project, speed your design from prototype to manufacture, and complete every design right the first time. Make EDSI your one-stop source for your engineering projects.

Electronic Design Solutions Inc. has the expertise to design products for any environment or application. Whether you need to meet harsh environments or require international electrical certification, we are your one stop solution.

Power Supply Design

Electronic Design Solutions Inc. designs multilayer and Extreme Copper* PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS for the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

Extreme Copper PCB's are boards whose copper features are greater than 20 oz/ft2, typically used in Hi Power Systems up to 50 KW. With 0.280" thick tracks, boards are capable up to 100 amps continuous.

Picture of Printed Circuit Board EDSI also designs boards which use 2 or more different copper weights on the same layer. This unprecedented design technology allows for fine pitch devices, to be mounted on the same layer with power devices. Combining SMD controllers directly with Hi power devices such as IGBTs is easily accommodated. Conventional power supply design is limited to using standard 4 oz copper weights, which limit designs to low power. EDSI can design copper on boards up to 250 mils thick.

Integrated Components

EDSI can advise you with manufacturing and fabrication recommendations required to integrate components such as planar transformers and power modules. Our goal is to provide the expertise you need to succeed on every design project, and speed your design from concept to production.

Extreme Copper Advantages:

  • Increased cross-sectional area of conductors without increasing trace width
  • Higher current carrying capacity in traces, through holes and vias
  • Reduced number of boards required for same design.
    • Reduced design time
    • Reduced assembly
    • Reduced documentation
  • Reduced number of pins on power connectors
  • Elimination of buss bars, or other high power current wiring.
    • Reduced processes
  • On board common mode filtering. Windings can be created using heavy copper techniques
  • Increased mechanical strength.
  • Increased thermal conductivity.

Reliable Designs

Picture of Printed Circuit Board These advantages translate to a smaller, lower cost, and more reliable product. Our IPC certified designers have the expertise to design products for any environment or application.